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Weight and Washing!


Weight 01/01/09: 12 st

Current weight: 11 st 12lb
Down 2 lbs!! Still sticking to healthy eating despite the fact that biscuits, crisps and chocolate are pleading with me to eat them every time I open the larder door.

Tired and nauseous, thanks to the painkillers and antibiotics that I’m taking. I have no one to blame only myself….and the stupid toffees!!

I have nearly reached the end of the laundry basket….again!! The last time I saw it was two days before Christmas.

You cannot even begin to imagine the delight and excitement that I experienced in my utility room on the 23rd of December 2009 when I finally discovered that the laundry basket did, indeed, have a bottom. And oh, what a glorious bottom it was!!! Alas, it was but a ‘brief’ exposure! Bee decided that she would take every stitch of clothing she owned, as well as the sheets from her bed, and dash my hopes of an empty laundry basket for Christmas.

Since then, I am convinced that either the bloody laundry pile has been breeding, or the family next door have been sneaking their stuff into it! In fact, until today, I was tempted to phone the local security firm and have a 24 hour monitored surveillance unit installed in the utility room, and I don’t mean the electronic variety. Thankfully I do not feel the need to do this today as the wash basket now contains only the obligatory few odd socks.

I’ve finally managed to upload a slice of my Christmas Cake. Now, Grandad, if you’re still not convinced that it should be Christmas every day (or at least until the 6th), then I can always post you a slice. 😉

The refreshing mountain walk I took this morning….


….did NOT happen. I spent the whole day in my pyjamas, drinking coffee, eating chocolate, just plain old dossing around the house.

Look….everyone needs a pj day, ok? And, it’s like this:

PJ Day + chocolates + (exercise x 0) = Drastic increase in waistline

…..which means that by the time January 1st comes I will have extra weight to lose, and the more one has to lose, the more they lose, right? So by the END of January I will feel amazingly good about myself because I’ll have lost more than I had to begin with.

Logic is good! Pass the box of Cadbury’s Roses……