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Fun you can have with a fish tank


I’m trying to get some use out of my Canon 7D, and I really need to learn more about the different settings and functions on it, and a lot more about light….and everything really.

So, as well as returning to the local photography club (which I intend doing next week), I decided to embark on some photography lessons too.

Last night was spent taking photos like this.

Orange original

And then, this morning I had some fun editing this photo in Photoshop to produce this.


I like the end result, although it’s a completely different end result from the photo I saw on Facebook to promote the photography lesson.  I can fully appreciate that everyone has different views on something like this.  When I showed Ally this image she didn’t know what it was, so in a way I wonder have I pushed the editing process too far.

All comments and critique welcome as always. 🙂