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The Tayto Bar Review


Over the last few weeks half the country (or at least half the country that’s on Facebook and Twitter) has been possessed by the latest craze to hit town – the chocolate Tayto bar!


I am no exception.


I absolutely LOVE to combine a genuine, authentic, cheesy, oniony Tayto crisp with a genuine, authentic piece of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate.  It’s an amazing taste combination that makes me smile as the cheese and onion flavours of Tayto crisps mingle with the chocolatey goodness of Cadbury’s chocolate.

So…naturally when I heard about Tayto bringing out a Tayto chocolate bar I was over the moon!!


But Tayto put the words ‘Limited Edition’ on the wrapper.

The world (those people on Facebook and Twitter) went apeshit for Tayto bars.

They sold out everywhere. They became more precious than gold!

I searched for them in every shop in the entire town of Clonmel for two days.

I just couldn’t GET a  flaming bar of the stuff!

I had secret agents on the lookout (sort of) and was alerted, through Facebook, to a possible sighting.

Tayto bars at First Chapter


Ally ventured into First Chapter in The Showgrounds and feigned interest at the Wrigley’s stand, while watching a suited official with a mobile phone in his hand arranging and rearranging a stand filled with the red wrapped Tayto chocolate bundles of joy! Eventually, when he looked away, she seized the moment, grabbed three bars, discreetly paid for them and fled the shop!

As she raced up the escalator towards the exit door where my car was waiting outside, the First Chapter bookshop clicked ‘like’ on my post.

Ha ha!

Anyway, enough Cagney and Lacey…onto the Tayto chocolate.

Finally we had them.

Tayto bars

First reaction: “Yayyyyy”

Followed by: “Is that the size of them? Where are the big bars?  Is this all they have?  How come they look so big in everyone else’s photographs? Are these the samples?”

Then: “Come on. We have to get home quick and eat them before we’re mobbed!”

Once we got home I grabbed my camera and photographed the bar beside my iPhone.

Tayto Bar Size

It’s thinner than an iPhone too!

Apple might want to get in touch with Tayto for their secret receipe.

Or maybe not.

Second reaction:- “Tayto!! What have you done??!!”

Followed by: “This isn’t Cadbury’s.  Where’s the onion?  I can’t taste any onion, can you? What’s with the after taste? Maybe that’s why they’re so small.  I need crisps with this.”

So crisps were eaten with the Tayto bars and promptly pronounced ‘delicious’.

Tayto crisps

It’s a good attempt, I guess.

Here’s a photo of the inside of the Tayto bar and you an see the crisp particles easily.

Chocolate Tayto Bar

I didn’t think the chocolate was as bad as people were making it out to be.

But it’s not Cadbury’s.

Or maybe it just doesn’t taste the same as a good old fashioned cheese and onion Tayto crisp with a good old fashioned square of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate – the way it should be.

Tayto and Cadburys

If you still haven’t managed to come across a Tayto bar, and you’re in a bad way to have one, you could always try Ebay.

Tayto bar Ebay