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Field of Bones



I love visiting old, ruined buildings, whether they be castles, monastic sites, or just old, abandoned cottages, like this one.

This cottage is on the way to Mount Melleray from Newcastle, on the left hand side, just on a corner.  It’s pretty dilapidated but still interesting.

You can access it through a gate a little bit further down the road.  I’d recommend using the gate rather than climbing over the dodgy wall.  Just watch out for the sheep.


Maaaad at me....

I don’t particularly like sheep.  There’s something about their eyes that unnerves me.  I’m quite happy that they’re usually so scared of everything that they go running off in the opposite direction when I approach.

This one didn’t though.  It just stood and stared….and blocked my way to the ruin that I wanted to take photos off.

He got fed up with me taking photos of him eventually though and decided to trot off.


He gave me this rather reproachful look then as I took another photo of him.


Sheep Skeleton

I think I know why he was giving me such vengeful looks though.

I found this in the grass:-

Sheep skull


And this:-


Seeing an entire sheep’s skeleton on the ground made me feel more uneasy than the sheep that I’d annoyed.

Seeing another sheep’s skeleton really creeped me out.

sheep skeleton

Field of Bones

And then I realised the entire field was strewn with bones.

Field of Bones

Porch area

I mean, I’d have expected a few bones with all the sheep that are in the mountains, but an entire field full of them? There are at least two skulls in this picture, plus the one from the first photo.

I also noticed that the bitter sheep had stopped following me as I got closer to the cottage.   I half expected a giant sheep eating Bigfoot Yeti to jump out of one of the windows, so when two pigeons came noisily flapping from the roof area I was ready to run attack!

I was left in peace though to continue taking photos.

Cottage doorway

The next photo is the view inside when standing outside the porch area of the cottage.  I’d to stand on my toes to try to get this picture as the ground outside is a good bit lower than the cottage floor.  Those are more sheep bones on the window sill.


Rusty Hinge

Rusty Hinge[/caption]

Door frame

Door frame

Sitting room

Sitting Room

It mightn’t look it, but it was pitch dark in the cottage.

There were a lot of cans and bottles around the place, and lots and lots of sheep poop! The floors were covered with it.

Doorway to Bedroom One

Doorway to Bedroom One - the only door in the cottage

Window in Bedroom One

Window Sill in Bedroom One - More Bones

Bedroom Two and Porch Doorways

Doorways to Bedroom Two and Porch

Bedroom Two Fireplace

Fireplace in Bedroom Two

Cottage Front View

Front View of Cottage

A view of the cottage from the front before I left for Melleray.  The sheep had gone.

I’ll be back there tomorrow with Ally who wants to take some of the skulls for art (yeuch!)