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39 of 365 pix – Shanrahan Cemetery, Clogheen


Shanrahan Cemetery, just outside Clogheen, is the burial place of Fr. Nicholas Sheehy.  Fr. Sheehy was born in Fethard in 1728 and was Parish Priest in Clogheen.  He was a friend of the ‘Whiteboys’, (a secret Irish organisation that rebelled against landlords and tithe collectors).

In 1766 Fr. Sheehy was tried in Clonmel for the murder of a John Bridge.  He was convicted, and hung, drawn and quartered (a very gruesome death that I cringe at the thought of, ever since watching Braveheart). He protested his innocence to the end, and I read somewhere that, to this day, a black cloud hangs over Clonmel as a result of this wrongdoing. I can testify though that the black could only appears when I hang my washing out.

Detailed information on Fr. Sheehy can be found on Waterford Museum’s website. It’s an interesting read.

I was keen to visit Fr. Sheehy’s grave and see the remains of the church at Shanrahan Cemetery, so I cranked up the motor and took a spin out there this afternoon.
Shanrahan Cemetery

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