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Puy du Fou – The Secret of the Lance


Photographs from another one of the shows (The Secret of the Lance) that we saw at Puy du Fou.  I have some video clips too but I’ll have to wait till a later date to put them up.

As with all the shows I was quite a distance away from the stage/performance area, and had to do my best to chop people’s heads off (when editing….not, obviously, as I was taking the photos).

I need a lot more practise at shooting stuff in motion.  I think I may also need glasses.

Anyway, we really enjoyed it, although I think it was a better show the first year we went to see it.  The jousting appears to have been dropped from the show, and the horses did less ‘dancing’, although I think the dancing horses have now been added to a new show – ‘Richelieu Muskateer’.

The Secret of the Lance

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