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9 of 365 Places to visit in Tipperary – St. Patrick’s Church Marlfield


Two wet feet again! I think I might change the name of this blog.

Today’s pic… taken in the freezing fog…at a location not too far away…from me, that is…



Pic correctly identified as St. Patrick’s Church, Marlfield, by @conorkane1974 and @c_fly1.


St. Patrick’s Church, Marlfield




Some more photos I took while I was there yesterday:-

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Today FM US 2 Book


My copy of the US Book

Five years ago TodayFM came up with a lovely idea for a book that they called ‘US’ .  It contained photos that they had asked people to send to them of what they were doing on the 1st of October 2005. Sales of the book raised over €300,000 for Childline.

This year they are looking for photos for US2, the proceeds of which will go to Barnardos.

You have till midnight tonight to take a photo of what you’re doing today, or something that captures the day that is the 2nd of October 2010 and email it to TodayFM at usbook@todayfm.ie.

Full details are on the TodayFM website so,pop over for a look and then get busy snapping!! 🙂

Update:  The Us 2 book should be available in shops from November, according to Barnardo’s website – just in time for Christmas!! 🙂

A picture tells a thousand words


How often I’ve heard this saying and thought it so true.  I’d look at pictures or photos and imagine an entire story behind them.

Ally took this photo of our German Shepherd at the weekend.

( 11/03/12) Note: Due to the large number of people downloading this photo without permission, I’ve reduced the quality and added a watermark.  I’ll be adding a blog post about this soon) 

Vicious German Shepherd

Vicious looking brute huh?  You wouldn’t mess with her.  She was obviously barking and snarling at some stranger who had walked into the garden, wasn’t she?

Only she wasn’t.

Roxy was wagging her tail and barking at Bee to throw her ball to her.

The following picture was taken a minute later when Bee had the ball in her hand and Roxy was waiting on her to throw it.



So, every picture tells a thousand words but it mightn’t necessarily tell the right story.

Worth remembering.

Are you attending Wordcamp Ireland?


If so, then don’t leave me standing on my own tomorrow if you see me. The friend I attended with today can’t make it tomorrow so I’ll be travelling alone.

I’ll post more about Wordcamp later on in the week. I’m watching ‘The Princess Diaries’ with the girls now.

Just a couple of snaps I took of the sky on my way home this evening. It was so beautiful. I did the best I could do with my little Panasonic.



I took out the new camera during the week to get a few snaps of Roxy – who is now, probably, the most photographed animal on the planet. Since the camera arrived, there is not one of us who hasn’t bribed the poor mutt with biscuits to make her sit, stand, stay, or otherwise perform for the lens. At this stage, she has taken to letting out an almighty sigh of boredom every time she sees one of us approaching.

I got what I thought were a couple of nice shots. At least, I thought they were nice until Ally pointed out to me that the mop and bucket were in the background of the one taken in the kitchen, and the toilet and cistern in the bathroom were clearly visible in the other that had been snapped in the hallway. “Do you not take note of what’s in the background, mammy?” she asked me, shaking her head as if there was no hope for me. Maybe there isn’t. Maybe I’m doomed to spend the rest of my life unable to take a decent photograph. “You should Photoshop it….make it black and white….and blur the background” she told me.

Sigh! It’s as simple as that really. 🙂