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9 of 365 Places to visit in Tipperary – St. Patrick’s Church Marlfield


Two wet feet again! I think I might change the name of this blog.

Today’s pic… taken in the freezing fog…at a location not too far away…from me, that is…



Pic correctly identified as St. Patrick’s Church, Marlfield, by @conorkane1974 and @c_fly1.


St. Patrick’s Church, Marlfield




Some more photos I took while I was there yesterday:-

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The Suir and Glenbawn Wood (Clonmel)


I’m always amazed by the stuff that’s on our own doorsteps that we know nothing about.

When I say that, I’m not referring to anything the dog or the cat leaves lying around for an unsuspecting victim to trod on.  I’m talking scenery, heritage, folklore, beauty – the hidden gems of Ireland.

Yesterday I discovered a place, not far from here, that I hadn’t known about, thanks to a trip organised by our college PR lecturer, Bernie Goldbach.

Several of us took a bus out to Glenbawn Wood, just outside Marlfield in Clonmel to meet Shay Hurley and Joe Burke, also from Clonmel.  Glenbawn wood, now owned by Coillte, once formed part of the Bagwell Estate.

Shay Hurley and Joe Burke

Shay and Joe spoke to us about the history of the area, and of their involvement in developing walks within the wood and along the Suir.  We stood in a sunlit clearing with the heavy scent of wild garlic in the air, and were transported back in time to days when carriages rolled along the banks of the Suir, and boatmen poled their 45 foot long, heavily laden boats into town.

As we followed the two men back in the direction of our bus, they showed us woodland work that had been carried out by German students when they visited, including this ‘hideout’, or what I now refer to as the ‘Otter Spotter’.

Glenbawn, Marlfield, Clonmel

We also passed entrances to badgers’ setts – two of them are pictured below.

Badger Sett Entrance

Badger Sett Entrance

There were lots of these things too – picture or frame viewers.  I intend going back when I’ve more time to see what exactly they’re framing.

Glenbawn Wood, Clonmel

I’m delighted to have been shown a small section of the Glenbawn wood yesterday.  It’s a beautiful place and I’m just surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before.  I’m hoping to go back with friends in a couple of weeks time to capture some otters on film.