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Derek Landy book signing in Limerick


I brought Bláthnaid to Limerick last weekend to have her copy of ‘Skulduggery Pleasant – Last Stand of Dead Men’ signed by the author, Derek Landy.

I *had* to bring her. When she’d heard the book had been released she was into Easons in Clonmel as fast as I could drive her there (without breaking any speed limits of course).  The books had only been delivered that day and she had to wait while a box was opened especially for her.

That’s dedication, surely.

So off to Limerick we went last Sunday and queued for an hour to meet Derek and to get Bláthnaid’s book signed, similar to the way we’d queued in Cork last year.


The last time Bláthnaid met Derek she didn’t have any questions for him as she was so nervous.  This time when asked if she had any questions she came out with ‘Why?’

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The Lump of the Stump


So, it appears that someone is trying to flog off replica pieces of Ireland’s latest religious phenomenon – the Stump of Rathkeale in Limerick.

Just over a week ago now, workers cutting down trees in a churchyard in Rathkeale were surprised to see what they believed to be an outline image of Our Lady in this tree.

Since then, a steady stream of people have visited the site of the tree stump to assess the situation, say a few prayers etc. The parish priest is taking it all with a pinch of salt, but apparently a petition has been signed by over 2,000 people objecting to the removal of the stump (or should that be The Stump?).

I haven’t seen it yet, myself, but sounds like it might make for an interesting place to go on an otherwise dull Sunday. I might even put a bid on the Ebay auction for the Lump of the Stump though – kindly forwarded to me today by a friend of mine – just for the laugh.