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Le petit train de la Rhune


We returned home last weekend after spending two wonderful weeks in Biarritz – our third time to holiday there.

The last time we were in Biarritz was in August three years ago and, on one of our many day trips, we came across Le petit train de la Rhune, a train that runs on rack railway, which takes its passengers right up to the summit of the La Rhune mountain on the French/Spanish border.  At the time, tourist season was in full swing, the car parks nearby were overflowing, and the train was filled to capacity on each journey, so we abandoned any notion we had of attempting to take a trip on it.

This year, however, we holidayed in June – a great time to holiday in France as everything is so quiet, and Le Petit Train de la Rhune is no exception. We arrived at the small, quaint, oldstyle train station at 10:30 in the morning and had no problems getting parking in the adjacent car park. There was plenty of room on the train and we’d no waiting around as we’d arrived just in time for the 10:30 trip.

Most people had taken up seats on the side of the train opposite the train station, but it doesn’t matter which side of the train you sit on, you’re still assured of some amazing views from the windows….

La Rhune - Summit

The train shuffles along at a leisurely 9kph and takes 30 minutes to reach the summit,  so there’s plenty of time to admire the scenery. Continue reading