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O’Shea’s ‘Next Pint, New York’


It’s good to be back home!

I’m just back from a week in the beautiful Kingdom of Kerry, bringing home a mountain of photographs that will take me an eternity to process, and a massive laundry pile of sheets, sleeping bags, towels, clothes, etc., etc.  Camping is great, but it has its teeny disadvantages.

This evening I was skimming through the images I took, when I came across this one of a small pub on Valentia Island.

O'Sheas - Next Pint New York

It’s a fascinating place, in off the coast, and I had visions of it being the last glimpse of home for many people before they set sail from the Iveragh Peninsula for America during the famine years .

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Around Dublin on a Bus


I’ve been spending a bit of time getting rid of all the old junk around the house lately – stuff that I’ve collected over the years and have either become sentimentally attached to, or haven’t had the time or the inclination to dispose of.  Among the many items I had stored in a cupboard at the end of the hall was a biscuit tin full of pre-decimal coin.

I decided a trip to the ‘Big Schmoke’ with the girls was in order, so that we could cash the dosh in and squander the proceeds.

Our first port of call was the Central Bank in Dame Street to exchange our pre-decimal hoard for some yo-yos.

(Photo of the Central Bank below, taken from the rooftop of a speeding bus – more on that later.)

Central Bank Dublin


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