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36 of 365 pix – Clonbeg Church, Glen of Aherlow


I had some job keeping the rain off my lens for these photos, and the wind was something else. As I entered the church grounds clutching my camera to me, a man hurrying towards his car gave me a look that implied that I was completely bonkers.

He was probably right.  And not just because of the photos.

Clonbeg Church, Glen of Aherlow


Clonbeg Church was built in the 1800s  and is Church of Ireland. The graveyard is both Catholic and Church of Ireland.  Within the church grounds, the remains of an old medieval church can be seen and are covered almost entirely in ivy.

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34 of 365 pix – Rathronan Protestant Church ruin, Clonmel


Rathronan Protestant Church

I’ve passed this church a million times (I could be exaggerating slightly) over the last few years.  It’s an eyecatching sight perched at the top of a hill over a public house called ‘The Halfway House’ on the Clonmel to Fethard road. Continue reading

33 of 365 – Grangefertagh Church and Round Tower


Because I had to drive to Abbeyleix the other day, I included this on my travels.  I know it’s in Kilkenny, but it’s not a million miles away from Urlingford really….well, not really…is it?

Grangefertagh Church and Round Tower

Grangefertagh Round Tower

I thought at first that the tower was in someone’s farmyard, but there’s a very narrow road up to the side of it with just enough space outside the tower to park a very very small car in.

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32 of 365 pix – Places to visit in Tipperary – Newcastle (Middlequarter) Church and Graveyard


There’s a story in Newcastle that the old church at Middlequarter was set alight by Cromwell and his men while people were inside.  The story is widely debated though, and others believe that it was ‘a warrior’ by the name of Prendergast who lived at Curraghcloney Castle who burnt the church.  Afterwards he built a new fortified residence, the remains of which can be seen not far from the ruins of the church, and from which the village of Newcastle takes its name.

Despite its rather horrific history, Newcastle church and graveyard is not a place where I’ve felt uneasy. The graveyard is still in use, judging by the fresh flowers and Christmas wreaths adorning several of the graves.

Newcastle/Middlequarter Church and Graveyard

Newcastle Church

There’s room for a couple of cars beside the graveyard, and it’s a very short walk from the village if you fancy parking your car there instead. The graveyard is reasonably well maintained, especially the newer section.  Proceed with caution if you venture around the back of the church on a wet day – as I did. The ground is uneven and quite marshy. (No…I didn’t have boots….again…)

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11 of 365 Places to visit in Tipperary – Lisronagh Castle


Day 11 to guess the location. I hope I haven’t made this one too difficult.

Hint: It’s in a field and, yes, I had two wet feet again.  Only because I thought, from having driven by this place on many an occasion, that it was nearer the main road than it actually is.  I also didn’t expect the place to be so overgrown.

I had to park the car a short distance away and then walk along the main road to get to it and I thought I was going to LOSE my life! The speed of the cars driving along that stretch of road is sheer madness.  I don’t know where people do be racing to but wherever/whatever it is, it’s pretty important, and none of them want to be late.

I had been warned that there could be a bull in the field.  Luckily for me he wasn’t in sight today.  Traffic = 0, Electric fence = 0, Bull = 0, Sinking terrain = 0, Me = WIN!

Could I be any more generous with the hints? 🙂



Today’s location was identified by @tipperaryphotos and @conorkane1974


Lisronagh Castle and Church/Graveyard

Lisronagh Church

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