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36 of 365 pix – Clonbeg Church, Glen of Aherlow


I had some job keeping the rain off my lens for these photos, and the wind was something else. As I entered the church grounds clutching my camera to me, a man hurrying towards his car gave me a look that implied that I was completely bonkers.

He was probably right.  And not just because of the photos.

Clonbeg Church, Glen of Aherlow


Clonbeg Church was built in the 1800s  and is Church of Ireland. The graveyard is both Catholic and Church of Ireland.  Within the church grounds, the remains of an old medieval church can be seen and are covered almost entirely in ivy.

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35 of 365 pix – Moore Abbey, Glen of Aherlow


My 365 pix have fallen a little by the wayside recently. I’m determined to find 365 great places to visit in Tipperary (especially free places), and blog about them. I’ll be pulling back on daily posts though and taking photos just three or four days a week, or whenever I get time, so it won’t be a 365 pix in the generally accepted sense.

‘Stuff’ happens. 

Anyway, onto photo number 35!

Moore Abbey, Glen of Aherlow

Moore Abbey Glen of Aherlow

Moore Abbey is a bit of an unfortunate place. It was founded in 1204 by the King of Thomond, Donough Gairbreach O’Brien as a Franciscan abbey and, apparently, it took 300 years to build (Ref:  Aherlow Website). It was burned four times during the course of building, by the armies of Desmond and Ormond. It was burned to the ground in 1472 and rebuilt in 1473. Continue reading