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Puy du Fou – The Secret of the Lance


Photographs from another one of the shows (The Secret of the Lance) that we saw at Puy du Fou.  I have some video clips too but I’ll have to wait till a later date to put them up.

As with all the shows I was quite a distance away from the stage/performance area, and had to do my best to chop people’s heads off (when editing….not, obviously, as I was taking the photos).

I need a lot more practise at shooting stuff in motion.  I think I may also need glasses.

Anyway, we really enjoyed it, although I think it was a better show the first year we went to see it.  The jousting appears to have been dropped from the show, and the horses did less ‘dancing’, although I think the dancing horses have now been added to a new show – ‘Richelieu Muskateer’.

The Secret of the Lance

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The Birdman at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris


When I was in Paris last November I saw this man standing outside the Notre Dame Cathedral feeding the birds.  It was fascinating to watch the birds darting backward and forwards, swiping bits of bread from the man’s outstretched hands.  Everyone who passed by stopped to watch or to take a photo.


I came across the photos earlier when I was transferring stuff over to my external drive, so I had to share.  My photos only show a small amount of the birds that were there.  At times there were dozens of them fighting for the few crumbs on offer.

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More photos of France.

The tourer and towing machine!!

Waiting in Rosslare for the Oscar Wilde to unload

Arrival in France!! Wahayyy!!!

All of us outside Chateau Antoine d’Abbadie 

In Lourdes!

Lourdes was a 3 hour drive from Biarritz. We didn’t mind the drive, but next time we’ll stay nearer so that we can explore the surrounding area a bit more. We visited the Betharram Caves (Grottes de Betharram) on our way back. It was a two hour tour that included an extremely short boat ride and a really fun trip on a small train through the caves.

A photo of St. Jean Pied de Port – the cobbled road to the Citadel.

I really like this photo of Mont St. Michel – we stopped there for three nights on the way home.

Taken on the Mont St. Michel coastal walk.

Snail made out of flowers – in the middle of a roundabout en route to Cherbourg. 

Of course, all good things surely must come to an end…..as they did when we drove off the ferry, back in Rosslare. Back to the miserable Irish weather! 



No more to be said really. Just looking back over the photos from two weeks ago and wishing I was back in France again.

I love France! I love the language, the food, the shopping, the way of life, and the variations on these from one end of the country to the other. I remind Jay, constantly, that when we retire, it will be to some cosy little French town where we’ll have a quaint little cottage with blue painted wooden shutters on the windows, and a swimming pool in the back garden. And, as well as enjoying the cheap wine and freshly baked bread every morning (no, I don’t mean we’ll be knocking back wine in the mornings – that’s just my useless writing style), we’ll have summers where we DO actually get some sun!


I’ve just uploaded two pictures for the moment as O2 is dodgy tonight (and every other night).

Holiday! It would be so nice!


In the words of Madonna I think. Yep, a holiday would be SO nice! I’ve been keeping an eye on ferry prices and they’ve come down a lot since I first looked in January, so the idea of going to France again this year may yet be a possibility.

Of course, there are still a few things that need to be sorted before we can even consider taking a trip abroad.

We need to buy a shed as soon as possible. We’ve only been putting it off for six months now and I’m fed up with my bedroom (yes dear, of course I mean OUR bedroom) being a store room for everything, from the table and chairs from our old house, to the contents of the scout den from the next village.

We have a bill from the local furniture store which is about four months old so that needs to be sorted fairly soon.

Then there are the credit cards (almost cleared now, thank God) and the solicitor’s bill that we got recently.

My fingers are itching to click on the “Purchase Now” key on the ferry website, especially when I look back at the photos from last year.

We went to Biarritz last year and stayed in a fabulous campsite that had it’s own private access to the beach. The weather was glorious while we were there, which was a relief as we’d pitched for two nights in another campsite across the road, on terraced pitches, and it had lashed rain while we were there. On the morning we went to move the caravan, the ground was muddy and slippery and we were terrified that the caravan was going to slip onto the tent pitched below us. I can tell you now that if that had happened I would have run…very fast… and left Jay to deal with it.

This is the caravan, complete with awning that we purchased last year from Charles Camping in Blessington. That’s also where we bought the caravan. The best thing now is that they have an online shop and the delivery is (well…was) only 5 euros anywhere in Ireland.

This photo was taken when we stayed in the Marais Poitevin, en route to Biarritz. We pitched in a campsite in Coulon, near Niort.

While we were in the Poitevin Marshes we took a trip to La Rochelle, which was lovely, and visited the aquarium there. I love this photo that I took of a crab in the middle of his dinner.

I don’t know what this is…I just call it “thing”.

We also paid a visit to Futuroscope. It was interesting, but it’s not something we’d go back to, to be honest. I’m sure it was the biz in its hay day, but the technology seems a bit outdated now. Bee enjoyed it though.

The night time show was spectacular and we really enjoyed that. It was the highlight of our Futuroscope visit. I gave up trying to upload the video that I have and the photographs aren’t great quality, but, trust me, it was great!