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16 of 365 pix – Places to visit in Tipperary – Hickey’s Bakery, Clonmel


Due to time constraints I’ve dropped the ‘Guessing game’….well at least for tonight, anyway. It’s very time consuming to edit previous posts and then add new ones, especially when you’ve an internet connection that seems to rely on two very tired, old hamsters running around a large wheel somewhere.  Or maybe one is running against the other – it certainly feels that way sometimes.

And a lot of time is spent pulling my hair out with trying to figure Actionscript and Flash and Illustrator out these days…but that’s another fifty blog posts in itself.

Today’s location is:-


Hickey’s Bakery of Clonmel

Hickey's Bakery Clonmel


I occasionally drop in here for a latte and a cake. There’s a lovely, cosy atmosphere inside, and the cakes and buns and chocolate goodies are to die for.

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Baileys Cheesecake (Oven bake)


Baileys Cheesecake

If you’re looking for a really simple recipe for Baileys Oven bake cheesecake then try this one out.  This is so easy and it’s absolutely delicious!! Continue reading

What’s for dinner today?


This is always the problem, isn’t it? When you’ve two kids and a husband who object fiercely to eating anything remotely healthy. So I’ve to cook something wonderfully filling and tasty for them, while I look for a piece of cardboard to chew on.

I’ve armed myself with a Weight Watchers recipe suggestion book because I’m determined to keep to my 20 points, which is apparantly what I’m allowed to eat in a day. This morning I used up 4 of those points because I had a poached egg and a waffle.

The Spaghetti Bolognese is appealing to me at the moment. It’s 6 points which leaves enough room for a snack later on. (Mini crunchies are 2 points – yum). If I don’t use up all my points I can save some for the weekend and pig out. Yayyy!!!!

There I go again. Thinking of the next time I can gorge on goodies. Sigh! I’m off to spend half an hour on the stepper for my sins.

I’ll start tomorrow


Weight Today – 11 stone 10 lbs

In keeping with the title of this post, I’ve decided to go on a diet on Wednesday. Why Wednesday I hear you ask……or…….well…..possibly I don’t hear you ask. as there’s no Godly way anyone could be reading this blog yet. So, in that case I’m asking myself this question, assuming that millions of people the world around, will, at some stage, request the answer to this wonderfully puzzling piece of trivia.Anyway, Wednesday is the day that our local Weight Watchers class is held. I intend eating as much as possible beforehand in order to both enjoy myself, and to pack on more weight to make it look like I lose lots in the first week.Seriously though, I am piling on the pounds recently. In the last three months I have increased my weight by half a stone. I have gone on at least five diets and lasted about 2 days on each of them. I’ve tried the Special K diet, the Slimfast diet, the Abstain Totally diet (my own invention, which actually lasted all of 3 hours). Having done the Weight Watchers diet a couple of years ago I have decided that it’s time to try it again.Tonight I celebrate though. It’s our second wedding anniversary and I intend to have a nice meal. My dearest husband has booked a table in Befani’s restaurant and that’s where we’re headed.I should also add that I’ve been very bold today. I had a hot buttered scone for breakfast, and at lunch I ate two massive chicken fajitas with lashings of cheese. I also had a Fox’s classic bar to help my cup off coffee with cream go down.