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Are you happy? Play the ‘Glad Game’.


Thought for today, courtesy of  www.yourlifeyourway.net.

It made me think.

What about the things you can’t change?  Because there are lots of things that we don’t have the ability to change.

And then I remembered the ‘Glad Game’.

Ok….before you hit the ‘x’ button and go running for a bucket, first read this piece that I found over on www.care2.com, because I couldn’t put it any better than this lady, Annie B.Bond has.

The very name “Pollyanna” has come to mean someone who is
eternally upbeat and optimistic, who spreads positivity and
good will wherever she goes. Before you decide that such
unremittingly cheerful behavior is truly nauseating and deserves
a good smack, think of this: people who take time every day to
count their blessings are truly happier (and live longer) than
those who don’t.

So spread a little good cheer in the New Year with this great game that helps you to focus on the glad, not the bad. Your heart–and everyone who knows you–will be grateful. It only takes a minute.

You can play this game when you’re driving in your car, or taking a walk, or sitting at your computer–pretty much under any circumstances.

Start small: just think of ONE THING that you’re glad for. Maybe it’s the taste of the special coffee that Aunt Ruth from Winnetka sent you for Christmas. Maybe it’s the fact that the holidays are over. Perhaps you have a new love in your life, or an interesting new project to work on. Or you could be glad for your family, or your dog or cat. Really think about whatever it is for a moment. Allow yourself to smile over it. Feel your heart open and glow with gratitude for whatever it is.

That’s it. But tomorrow, try thinking of two things you’re really, truly glad for. Expand the field of your gratitude every day. Really take time to appreciate the many many blessings you enjoy. You’re alive: you have the capacity to be a beneficial and positive presence on the planet. You are needed–or you wouldn’t be here. Enjoy this life that you have been given! And be glad.


Says it all, doesn’t it?  Thanks to Eleanor H. Porter for teaching us about ‘The Glad Game’. Now it’s time to play it.