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My first Cookery Demo – Cookie Cream Cake


Another college assignment done!  This time it was an Instructional Design video to incorporate some of the theories I’ve been looking at recently.

Making a cookery video isn’t too difficult, unless you forget a step.  What do you do when you’ve made the cake and realise you’ve forgotten something?  Make another one.  So you end up with two cakes….to add to the first one you did as a practise run.

FOUR cakes later I had footage that was half decent enough to use.  And sure, then you couldn’t be wasting the cake!  Cookies and cream helped me get through the time spent in After Effects and Premier Pro.

My next demo video? A weight loss one!


Creative Multimedia at Tipperary Institute


Who’d have thought that, as I near the ripe old age of 40, I’d actually be ENJOYING full time education? Twenty three years ago, when I finally managed to free myself of teachers and school and homework, I never thought I’d return to study full-time. But the path of life can take some unexpected twists and turns along the way so here I am again. I have my moments when I lose patience with college work and assignments, etc., but I also have good days. Yesterday was one of those days!

Cookery Fun
From 9 o’clock yesterday morning my kitchen was transformed into a mini television studio as I, and other members of the 1st Year Creative Multimedia Course at Tipperary Institute, filmed various cookery demonstrations. Eddie O’Brien from Knocklofty House in Clonmel was there to talk us through as we cooked and filmed our way through nine different dishes in the space of nine hours. The food was delicious, the wine flowed, and the craic was mighty!

The lads take a break from slaving over the hot stove!

Yum! Tagliatelle prepared by Mark!

Derek displays his ‘foine’ tattoos!

Eddie O’Brien, Knocklofty House introduces me in my Darina Allen apron

The crew get down to business!