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37 of 365 pix – Holy Year Cross, Clonmel


Meanwhile….on the 365 pix project…

My camera lens is FUBARED. At some stage it must have gotten a hard knock.  The  filter is wedged well and truly on, and there’s something rattling around inside which results in the focus ring jamming every so often. It’s a matter of (a long) time before I can afford a new one but all donations are greatly received in the meantime. 😉

I’m quite a bit behind with the whole 365 project, not because of the camera, but partly due to putting in some work for my Honours Degree (4 years finished….finally), and partly because a close family member wasn’t well over the last few months and I had to do a bit of running around to hospitals, doctors, etc.

With another close family member undergoing hospital treatment at the moment, I thought it was as good a time as any to visit The Holy Cross in Clonmel. I’m not very religious or anything, but I feel that God must be able to hear a prayer or two when it’s said at the top of a hill under a great, big holy cross.

The Holy Year Cross

Holy Year Cross

Situated at the base of the Comeraghs, at the top of ‘Cnoc a Chomortais’, the Holy Year Cross was erected in 1950.  Every year, on the August Bank Holiday, locals make the short climb to the top of the hill where mass is said.

I say ‘short climb’, but the truth is that the small space for cars to park at the base of the hill is VERY small, so for anyone who turns up late, then a longer walk is involved…and possibly a visit to A&E, suffering from exhaustion, before you ever make it to the cross.

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27 of 365 pix – Places to see in Tipperary – Dove Hill Castle, Carrick-on-Suir


Some of you will have seen my Tweets and my Facebook status last night and early this morning, and will know that I spent some time in A&E last night.  Several people thought I was there with John because of the photos I posted of him last night with the angle grinder.  😀 John is fine.  It was Ally who wasn’t feeling well and she was kept in last night, unfortunately.

I finally got home at about 2AM this morning so I had a late start today – probably just as well as the sun came out and I had a window of photographic opportunity for a while.

Dove Hill Castle, Carrick-on-Suir

Dove Hill Castle

I must have passed this tower house hundreds of times on the road from Clonmel to Waterford and have never stopped to take a look. So, seeing as Ally could leave the hospital for a while today, I took both her and Bláthnaid for a spin.

Dove Hill Castle is a Norman tower built about 1450, and is very much in ruins. The ivy has taken a firm hold on the building as you can see from the photos.

Dove Hill Castle

The tower is sited on private land.  There is a gate, with a section removed, that allows one to climb through easily into the field, and there’s a pathway worn through the hay up to the castle. Further down another gate states that trespassers will be prosecuted. I didn’t see that gate until I came out though, and I think maybe it leads into a different field (…honest, Garda).

If you feel you’d rather not take your chances with the sign, then you can easily take a photo of the tower from the gate. Just don’t arrive on a sunny day at lunchtime or it’ll be a silhouette you’ll be photographing.

Dove Hill Irish Design Centre

When you’re all towered out you can nip across to the Dove Hill Irish Design Centre and shop to your heart’s content. I don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but they’ve a fantastic Newbridge Silverware section, they stock gorgeous Meadows & Byrne kitchen and homeware, and Lily Mai’s café is great for lunch and dinner.

It’s an awful pity Dove Hill wouldn’t do something with their website though.

I took a spin out to Mahon Falls where the sun decided to do a disappearing act, and I almost froze to death trying to take a photo. It was 5 degrees up there and people were strolling around the mountain looking freshfaced, windblown and happy.

Mahon Falls

I can’t remember the last time I was up at Mahon Falls, and the landscape is really stunning. There are lots of places where you can pull in to admire the view, and there are at least two carparks where you can park up for a while if you fancy a bit of hillwalking.

Mahon Falls

Did I mention the magic road? A little way down from the waterfall is an incline beside a Fairy Bush (or a raggy bush as it’s sometimes called). If you turn your engine off and put your car into neutral, your car will magically roll UP the hill! Try it, but try it on a day that’s not Sunday in order to avoid the steady stream of cars touring the Comeraghs.