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Rant of the Day – Waterford


I almost got through an entire 24 hours without a rant!  But, as d’Unbelievables would say ‘Ye can’t be having that lads!’

And besides, it’s been a long time since I posted a rant here. Nothing like letting off a bit of steam to….to….well I’m sure there are benefits somewhere.

The long and the short of it (and it’s probably more long than short) is that I will NEVER use the €5 all day carpark in Waterford again.

It took me THREE attempts to get out of there today.

If anyone was watching me they’d have had a right laugh. (Please let whoever monitors the Garda cameras have been on a lunch break.)

First –  I couldn’t find the machine to pay my parking fee….because there isn’t a machine… until you reach the exit barrier.

There are no signs anywhere to tell you HOW to pay….until you reach the exit barrier.

And so it was that I pulled up at this exit barrier, with a ten euro note, thinking that in THIS day and age, surely I could put a tenner into the machine and get change. (That’s how all the OTHER machines work!)

A notice on the barrier informed motorists that ‘NO CHANGE IS GIVEN’.

I had to reverse from the barrier, park my car again, wait for an age at the pedestrian lights, walk up to The Granary for a take-away coffee….which I was beginning to need anyway, then wait for a hundred years at the pedestrian lights again, while my coffee grew cold.

I reversed my car out of its space again, this time gleefully approaching the barrier, with my newly gained five euro note held aloft….only to see that the slot I had thought was for the insertion of paper money was actually for….I don’t know what it was for actually….Waterford blahs, judging from the size of it.

As I was about to explode with annoyance, I noticed the credit card slot (YEAH!) and, as much as I hate using my credit card for small stuff (or anything that’s not a flight somewhere sunny actually), I hated the thought even more of once again getting out of my car to try to source change.

So I whipped my credit card out of my purse (where it’s lain dormant since June 2012), and inserted it into the specifically designed slot….only to find the fooking slot was  JAMMED!! I mean SERIOUSLY jammed. No matter how hard I shoved my card at it, it didn’t give way.

I had to reverse for a SECOND time from the barrier and park the car. I parked it  a little haphazardly this time. Personally I just wanted to abandon the thing and take the bus home.

I was getting out of the car and I must have looked like I was going to MURDER someone, because a lady who pulled up in another car to park in the space next to me (or, rather, the space that had the front end of my car stuck in it), thought better of it and drove off. I got into the car again and straightened it up because I’m nice like that, and then stormed into the bus station to beg for change in there.

WAHAYYYY….lucky me, there were two change machines in the bus station! I stuck my fiver into the slot of one of the machines, ready to hit the jackpot, when a message popped up asking me to ‘select my destination’.

If you’ve just laughed at that bit….I hate you.

I got my five euro back and managed to get change at the small shop in the bus station, where the girl who served me told me that so many people come in looking for change, and she wished someone would put proper signs up.

No small wonder that that particular car park was still largely empty as I was leaving then.

Get your act together, Waterford!!  Get some proper signs up…or at least fix the Blah machine.