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An Irish Butcher Shop – Pat Whelan


I stopped by James Whelan’s Butchers this afternoon to pick up a copy of Pat Whelan’s new book ‘An Irish Butcher Shop’.  I’d been following all the latest on the book from Pat via his twitter account and when I heard the books were being delivered yesterday I couldn’t wait to get one.

An Irish Butcher Shop

An Irish Butcher Shop - Pat Whelan

This is a book for meat lovers! From the field to the table the reader can follow the entire story of the farm animal, the meat it produces, and how it is cooked. Each individual method of cooking meat is explained thoroughly and even the subject of cooking utensils is dealt with.

It’s fascinating to read the history of James Whelan’s butchers.  It’s worth reading too for the informative quality and the little touches of humour and local references here and there, but most of all for the recipes.  The book is crammed full of wonderful beef, pork, chicken and other meat recipes, as well as ideas for vegetables and sauces.

If the recipes themselves don’t leave your mouth watering, then the colourful photography will.  I certainly can’t wait to see if my own Moussaka turns out as well as Pat’s!