For the Birds! (The Pigeon Rescue)


We came to the rescue of a wood pigeon yesterday evening.  John took the dog out for a walk and when he came back he said the pigeon was sitting under a bush at the side of the driveway, and that it was lucky not to have been eaten by the dog who took great exception to it being there.

“What’s it doing under the bush?” I asked.

“Sleeping” he said. 

“What’s a pigeon doing sleeping under a bush”, I said, “Should it not be in a tree?”

I’m a city girl.  I don’t know a lot about pigeons, or any other bird for that matter, but my inner core tells me that, at night, anything with a beak and feathers should be on a perch somewhere. (Emus and ostriches are obviously a couple of exceptions to this rule, but we don’t tend to get too many of those around here.)

My concern for the bird’s welfare led to a Google search and a request for assistance on Twitter.

Thanks to @rkkx@DiamondsIRL, and @ElaineEdwards for their recommendations on treating the bird.

And, of course, thanks to @caitrionaW  for the recipe for Wood Pigeon and Pancetta Risotto. (I was *almost* hoping the poor little beggar would cark it.) was a great source of information on treating many varieties of injured birds. It wasn’t long before our forlorn feathered friend was tucked up in a warm box lined with old tea towels, and with a handful of porridge oats and a bowl of water to keep him fed and hydrated through the night.

While we carried out the pigeon rescue and aftercare,  the dog was kept at the opposite end of the house in our bedroom. She never suspected a thing.  And, this morning, as the dawn was breaking, we transported the pigeon outside again and put it under a tree where it remained for a couple of hours before eventually spreading its wings and flying away.

I like to think that the pigeon really WAS ill and dying…. and that we saved it….rather than that it might just have been stunned by the light of himself’s torch as he did the rounds with the dog last night…..


Wood Pigeon




Our back garden is home to several of these little spikey creatures who can often be glimpsed at night, shuffling through the grass.

They shuffle very quickly too….although so would you if you were being chased by an alsation expressing its dissatisfaction at you trespassing on its territory.

Today was the first time I saw one during the day….a hedgehog, not an angry alsation….

Ally spotted the spiny mammal traversing the garden, just as I was about to leave the house for an appointment.  So I did the rightful thing, cast the appointment to the back of my mind, grabbed my camera, and shot the animal!






The Joys of Photoshop


Lloyd’s Express Hair Salon, Clonmel, had a fundraising day last Sunday and offered blowdries for 15 euros in order to raise funds for an incubator for South Tipperary General Hospital.  I took some photos on behalf of the Hospital Radio. (See

When it came to taking a photo outside, I felt that the two bollards pictured took greatly from the shop facade. (Or maybe I was just looking for a reason to mess around with Photoshop)

Approximately 15 minutes with a bit of paint and the cloning tool fixed them.



with bollards



Without bollards


Gotta LOVE Photoshop! 🙂




Home Sweet Home


Today’s photo: Ally doing some clay modelling this evening. I’m surprised she stayed put when I took the camera out.  Usually she goes running in the opposite direction.  Thanks Ally. x


clay modelling


While Ally was being artistic, Bláthnaid made dinner.  We had a delicious tomato, garlic and cheese pasta.  My photo doesn’t do it any justice at all.  Thanks Bláthny. x



Danbo plays piano


Danbo plans piano, originally uploaded by Susan Cloonan.

Today’s Photo of the Day…

A Photo a Day


Thanks to Val, I joined a new group on Facebook aimed at getting people to post a photo a day.

It’s quite difficult to do, especially as, when I get home after a day of work and college, it’s dark and I don’t feel the least bit inspired to pick up my camera.

I took a photo of the top shelf of the bookcase in my bedroom yesterday.



Two years ago the top shelf (and the one beneath it) held a copy of every book that Stephen King had ever written, or at least any I knew of.  I was his Number 1 fan. (….you’d have to BE a fan…)

I still have them – the books.  They’ve been relegated to the bottom two shelves for the foreseeable future, and my collection is lacking in anything he’s written during the two years.

So yesterday’s photo symbolised the direction my life is taking at the moment – trying to get a grip on Year 3 of the Creative Multimedia course in LIT (previously Tipperary Institute).

I’m not sure what today’s photo represents but this beast is sitting in our back garden looking very sorry for itself.


Massey Ferguson

John Keane, based in Balla, Co. Mayo, and who the tractor was purchased from originally, can be found online at

Sarah’s First Birthday


It’s been a quick year.  Sarah, my niece, celebrated her first birthday with the family on Saturday.

I’ve a few photos on the laptop that I need to go through but I thought I’d put these two up.

This one is a casual shot taken of Sarah with her mum and dad.  I had to remove a standard lamp from behind the couch.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to remove it BEFORE I took the photo.  Thank heavens for Photoshop!


Sarah Family Photo


I put some text in on this next one just for fun.

Sarah with her new V-Tech laptop.  And I am not joking when I say that she is taking after her techy dad by spending more time looking underneath the laptop than at the screen.  I expect her to have at least three new phrases programmed into it when I see her next.


I'm busy

Happy Birthday Sarah!


Oops, I forgot my camera. Can I have your photos?



I attended the official launch of a store two weeks ago.  Actually, I attended two launches for two different stores – one on Thursday, and another on Friday.  I had a particular ‘job’ to do at these launches and I thought I’d take my camera along and take a few photos.


Thursday’s event was great fun.  It was well organised.  A local ‘celebrity’ was there to cut the ribbon, a professional photographer took photographs, and the shop owner also had a camera.


Friday’s event was also fun, although a marketing agency who were, allegedly, supposed to show up at 11:00 that morning, didn’t turn up until 2.15 that afternoon.  By the time they turned up we had the show on the road and I had taken a few photos too.  The marketing crowd started setting up their gear, and their Team Leader noticed that I had a camera.

‘I’d like to download your photos’

The Team Leader approached me and asked what I was going to do with my photos.  I told him that they’d be going on the website of the people who’d asked me to attend the launch.  THEN he said that he’d like to download the photos when I had them uploaded as he’d left his own camera behind him.

Some people mightn’t think twice about saying ‘ok’ to this request. I, on the other hand, don’t like my images being downloaded by others (thus I’ve recently started to put my name on the ones I upload to this blog).   This guy was supposed to be a marketing agency team leader, so he couldn’t be that daft as to think that my photos would be free for the taking, especially when he was being paid (or at least I presume he was) to take his own images.

I didn’t want to get into an ‘awkward’ discussion about prices for images in front of customers and staff in the shop (and I hadn’t a clue how to address the subject either), so I told TL that the photos probably wouldn’t be great quality if he was to download them, to which he responded that they were for an image upload website.  He asked me for my phone number, which I gave to him.

Email me your images

A few days later, lo and behold, TL phoned me. The conversation went like this:

TL: ‘Have you those photos uploaded’

Me: ‘No, I haven’t had a chance yet, I’ve been up to my eyes’

TL: ‘When are you going to have them uploaded?’

Me: ‘Well, hopefully by this weekend’

TL: ‘I was thinking you could email me the images when you’re uploading them’

Me: ‘Well, there will be a fee for the images, you know?’ (I really hope that this doesn’t sound condescending.  As I said this, I could feel a roar in my ears, and my heart pounding in my chest.  I’ve never asked for a fee for anything before and I’m very uncomfortable with it as it’s new territory, yet, at the same time, I believed I was entitled to do so.)

TL: ‘A FEE???’

Me: ‘Um….yes….’

TL: I didn’t realise there’d be a fee.  Weren’t you meant to be there anyway?

Me: ‘Em…yes….but it was my own decision to take photographs’

TL: You’ve put me in a very awkward position.  I’ve promised those photographs to my client’s Head Office’

When he said this I was absolutely gobsmacked!  Imagine telling someone else they could have my images too.

Me:  ‘Well look, perhaps you’d like to go away and have a think about it’ (which would also give me time to compose myself and to think about it too)

TL: ‘Yes, I think I’ll have to.  I didn’t realise there’d be a fee involved’

That was more or less the way the conversation went.

Email ME your images!

Two days later I got an email from a sales rep who requested that I email him the photos from *both* launches as *both* clients were getting anxious.

Considering the supply of photographs was not an element of the original service provided (by us), and that Thursday’s client had a professional photographer there, I fail to see why this client would want my images…..which leaves Friday’s client….and their marketing agency.

I thought about emailing watermarked thumbnails to the sales rep.  Then I thought about it some more and realised I didn’t want to spend time and energy on something that wouldn’t produce any return.

Look, it’s not like I was going to demand an exhorbitant amount of money in return for the images, but I do think I’m entitled to something, and nobody actually bothered to ask how much I was looking for.  The minute Mr. TL heard the word ‘fee’,  he put down the phone and called Mr. Sales Rep, obviously of the opinion that Mr. Sales Rep would succeed in getting the images out of me.

I told my brother what had happened.  He compared it to a photographer turning up at a wedding with no camera and asking the guests for their photos.  The idea was so outlandish that I couldn’t help but laugh, and yet, that’s basically what’s happened here….isn’t it?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Thanks for reading.


Spikey Spider


Striped spider


There are strange things in our garden.  They look even more strange when viewed close-up.

I detest spiders.  I think I detest them even more now.


Little spider on the wall,

       Have you no friends at all?

             Let me pat you on the head…

                     …SQUISHY SQUASHY…

                                Now you’re DEAD!!

St. Finbarr’s Oratory, Gougane Barra

St. Finbarr's Oratory, Gougane Barra

St. Finbarr's Oratory

This is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit.  I got the opportunity, finally, while on holiday in West Cork last weekend.  It’s a really beautiful place.  There was a wedding taking place while I was there (it’s a very popular place for small intimate weddings), and, as there were photographs being taken, I didn’t venture onto the island.

There’s a hotel across the lake from the church as well as a pub/café and shop.  Fishing licenses can be purchased at the shop and there were a few people fishing down at the lake.  There are some lovely walks around the forest park so it’s a really nice place to while away a few hours.