Day 6 of 365 – Cranking up the Clock


The grandmother clock requires frequent winding.  Someone’s got to do it.

Winding the clock

Day 5 of 365 – Just hanging around


Final day of laziness before the silly season ends and everything is back to normal.

Danbon and Pooh

Day 4 of 365 – Time for some more Sherry Trifle


Christmas isn’t over until all the sherry trifle is gone….so we made some more.

Making Sherry Trifle

Day 3 of 365 – What to eat?


Browsing through Rachel Allen’s ‘Everyday Kitchen‘ for some dinner inspiration.


Searching the cookery book

Day 2 of 365 – Christmas is almost over


Feeling a bit washed out now that Christmas is almost over.

Christmas is almost over

Day 1 of 365 – Making the Roses vanish


First Danbo pic of 2014.


Danbo eats Cadburys Roses