Building update (Week 2 – Day 5)


Well, it’s really looking like a building site today. It lashed out of the heavens this morning and there’s mud everywhere. I’m glad I’m not on a building team.  I wouldn’t have gotten out of the truck this morning in that weather.

Building Site

Despite the rain though the site is quite neat and tidy looking.

Building Site


John arrived home this evening and had a quick look and commented on the hardcore being down, before he headed off out the door again. Apparently the hardcore being down is good news because it means the floor can be poured and then the walls will start soon.

This is the kitchen area. I can’t wait until that horrible little shed on the far side of the fencing is knocked down.  I hate it with a passion.  At the moment it contains the boiler unit which is going to be moved out of there.

Granny flat



This is the kitchen area. I really hope it’s going to be big enough. I’m finding it very hard to judge the space by looking at what’s there at the moment.


Granny flat kitchen area



And this is the front view of the building works at the moment.


Granny flat


It’s all moving along quite quickly, and himself is happy, which is good.

So….eight weeks of a timeline? Today marked one week since commencement of the works.  Fingers crossed!

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