Rock of Dunamase


If you’re driving the M7 from Dublin to Portlaoise and you’ve an interest in photographing old ruins, then you could do worse than to take a detour out to the Rock of Dunamase.

At the top of the rock are the ruins of Dunamase Castle.  The castle dates from the 12th century although the rocky outcrop was the site of a fort that was originally constructed in the 9th century.

Rock of Dunamase

I’d been threatening to visit the site for as long as I can remember seeing the signpost for it pointing off the M7, and I finally got the chance a few weeks ago as I was on my way back from Dublin.


This was my first time to really take advantage of shooting in raw and I’ve now set my camera to shoot only in raw format.


The view from the castle is spectacular.  You can see for miles.


At the bottom of the hill is the beautiful Church of the Holy Trinity.

(There’s a big black electrical supply cable to the left of the church that I removed afterwards in Photoshop.)

Holy Trinity Church

Getting to the Rock from the M7 is handy enough as it’s well signposted.  Keep an eye out for the road on the right hand side that passes through a set of wooden gates as I don’t think there was a signpost on this last stretch, or if there was then we missed it twice!

There’s a small carpark outside the church, and the path up to the castle is fairly well maintained, although the gravel surface can be slippy on the way down. I’d advise bringing good footwear  if you want to clamber around the castle ruins. And visit early, because you’ll want to spend ages there if you’re like me!

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