O’Shea’s ‘Next Pint, New York’


It’s good to be back home!

I’m just back from a week in the beautiful Kingdom of Kerry, bringing home a mountain of photographs that will take me an eternity to process, and a massive laundry pile of sheets, sleeping bags, towels, clothes, etc., etc.  Camping is great, but it has its teeny disadvantages.

This evening I was skimming through the images I took, when I came across this one of a small pub on Valentia Island.

O'Sheas - Next Pint New York

It’s a fascinating place, in off the coast, and I had visions of it being the last glimpse of home for many people before they set sail from the Iveragh Peninsula for America during the famine years .

I took a look around the outside of the pub and it looked pretty much abandoned, although someone is (or was) possibly in the process of renovating it.  The windows look fairly new, as does an oil tank at the side of the pub (house).

I did a quick Google search and discovered that it was probably never a pub after all, but a ‘mock-up’, for a Guinness advert. (That’s according to references I found at Geograph, and The Generalist.)

Below is the advert itself, which can also be viewed on YouTube.

Some interesting video editing there. I haven’t been able to spot this other fine building in the video, but maybe it’s my eyesight.

Old Irish Farmhouse

At .38 into the video, the farmhouse should be directly to the left of the pub, but all I’m seeing is a large tree.  Let me know if I’m wrong.

Anyway, there go my romantic notions of Irish emigrants shedding tears into their pints in O’Shea’s before leaving their loved ones. If the truth is to be known, there’s probably many a tourist getting frustrated at not being able to get a pint there. 😉


2 thoughts on “O’Shea’s ‘Next Pint, New York’

  1. Hi, I was there in 2006. It looked really new then. I found it very strange to find a deserted pub in the middle of nowhere looking brand new…
    2 days later I saw the commercial on TV and came to the same conclusion as you did: this was never a pub at all, but a décor for a Guinness commercial. Beautiful surroundings though.

  2. Hi there I also found this building, seeing it from afar and driving down the bumpy unmade road towards it. I had never seen the advert but as it was my namesake thought it worth a look at.
    What a beautifull county Kerry is , and home to my ancestors which I was constantly reminded of where ever I stopped.
    I will be returning

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