40 of 365 pix – Boulick Tower and Cemetery


Boulick Tower

Heading for Glengoole after turning off the M8, there’s a sign to the right for Boulick Burial Ground. I’d been there once before but it wasn’t such a great day for photos. Driving home from Durrow last weekend I decided to stop by again.

Boulick Cemetery

A fairly decent road leads from the main road up to the graveyard, with ample parking for a car if you’re driving (although be careful not to block any of the gateways to the working farm).


Yep, it’s a working farm allright.  Boulick Tower stands in a field where this friendly creature practically dared me to come in and take photos. I thanked my lucky stars I’d had a look around before trying to get any closer to the tower.

Boulick Cemetery

 There’s a laneway beside the field that leads up to the cemetery and a fine big carpark at the top of the lane.  If you’re wondering why I hadn’t brought the car up to the carpark it’s because the gate at the bottom of the lane was padlocked.

Boulick Cemetery


Church Gate


Another padlocked gate leads to the outer perimeter of the church.  The wall just visible outside the gate separates the church from the field with the tower in it.

Boulick cemetery is beautifully kept.  Whoever looks after it does a tremendous job.  There are benches for visitors to sit down on, pretty borders of flowers, and walking on the grass in between the graves is like walking on cushioned velvet.

Boulick Cemetery

Boulick Cemetery


Boulick Cemetery Headstone


There are some fabulous headstones in the cemetery, again very well looked after.

Boulick Cemetery

This older headstone appears to date from 1750. I wonder is it a new marker? Hard to believe it could survive in such good condition for such a long time.


Boulick Cemetery Grotto

At the far end of the cemetery is this lovely grotto with a bench in front of it.  It’s a perfect place to sit and say a few prayers in the peace of the countryside.  If you’re scared of bulls you’d probably want to say a novena or two before venturing back down the lane again.

For more information on Boulick Cemetery you might want to take a look at www.slieveardagh.com


2 thoughts on “40 of 365 pix – Boulick Tower and Cemetery

  1. Loved your photos of Boulick graveyard. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

    Gates have to be locked as the temptation to use parking area for activities other than parking was too good to pass up. Key can be found with local post mistress.

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