38 of 365 pix – Cemetery near Ballymacarbry Grotto, Tipperary (Bennetschurch)


I’m trying to identify the name of this cemetery near Ballymacarbry. Ally and I passed it on the way to Ardmore at the weekend and stopped to take some photos. It’s quite close to the grotto which is on the opposite side of the road.

Anyone any ideas?

Edit: I stumbled across a reference on Excavations.ie to a ‘Teampull na mBeinéad’ in Ballymacarbry, (Bennetschurch).  The building in the photo below is an old schoolhouse. It would be nice to know when the schoolhouse was built and when it ceased to operate as a school. The website refers to the east wall of the church, which I think I saw on the day, but the site is extremely overgrown so it’s hard to know.

Cemetery Ballymacarbry


Old Door

Boarded up window




3 thoughts on “38 of 365 pix – Cemetery near Ballymacarbry Grotto, Tipperary (Bennetschurch)

  1. Bennet’s Church school closed in 1972 when the new Central School opened in Ballymacarbry.

  2. I knew the two families whose names are on the gravestones as we had a small parcel of land in the Nire during the 1970s when I was a child. The Wall family were quite well off landowners, I remember “the fox” Wall very well indeed. One of his sisters, Nora was wrongly convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1999, but was aquitted soon after. The Crotty’s ran a small country shop at the bridge where the school house once was, my uncle Victor was the schoolmaster back in the 1960s. Thanks for the memories – it really is a small world.

  3. Is this cemetery part of the Bennetschurch ? Or is this Caoilshigan ?

    I just wonder does Bennetschurch have a seperate cemetery.


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