Building an extension


I’ve been a bit busy the last few weeks but thought I’d put up a quick blog post this evening (morning?) before I hit the pillows.

Things are going to be fairly hectic over the next few months…just when I thought I’d get a bit of a break.  We’re planning to add a ‘granny flat’ onto the house, and the tenders have just come back in.  I’m led to believe (by @clonmelarchtech) that, once the contractor has been selected and the price agreed, the building will progress fairly rapidly.

The photo below shows the outline of where the proposed extension will go.

site for building

site for building

I’m going to blog the progress over the next few weeks.

To begin with the tenders came in a little over budget – a *lot* over budget actually. Fingers crossed we can knock a bit off the price.

(I did try persuading my parents that they don’t need a bathroom, plumbing or electricity. I think they thought I was joking.)

Exciting times!



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