36 of 365 pix – Clonbeg Church, Glen of Aherlow


I had some job keeping the rain off my lens for these photos, and the wind was something else. As I entered the church grounds clutching my camera to me, a man hurrying towards his car gave me a look that implied that I was completely bonkers.

He was probably right.  And not just because of the photos.

Clonbeg Church, Glen of Aherlow


Clonbeg Church was built in the 1800s  and is Church of Ireland. The graveyard is both Catholic and Church of Ireland.  Within the church grounds, the remains of an old medieval church can be seen and are covered almost entirely in ivy.

Clonbeg Church, Aherlow

Clonbeg Church, Aherlow

There are some beautiful headstones dating back to the 1700s.

Clonbeg Church, Aherlow

Behind the church is St. Sedna’s healing well.  St. Sedna founded the original Clonbeg parish site and the water from the well is rumoured to cure eye ailments.

If the photo below is blurred it’s because everything was going mad in the wind, including myself.

St. Sedna's Well, Clonbeg, Aherlow


As everyone who is familiar with these healing wells knows, it is customary to tie a piece of clothing beside the well that belongs to the person seeking a cure.  The hawthorn tree at St. Sedna’s well is covered with all sorts of bits and bobs, but mainly socks! It seems like a good way to get rid of all the odd socks lying around and obtain a blessing at the same time. I wonder if there are double blessings for a matching pair.

St. Sedna's Well, Clonbeg, Aherlow

This was as close to the well as I got. The ground was really marshy and I didn’t fancy sliding into the thing, despite the fact that I could have done with a bit of divine intervention over the last couple of weeks. I made a mental note to return with a decoration for the tree the next time I’m in Aherlow.

St. Sedna's Well, Clonbeg, Aherlow

Clonbeg Church ruins, Aherlow

Clonbeg Graveyard, Aherlow

Clonbeg Graveyard, Aherlow

Clonbeg Church

16 thoughts on “36 of 365 pix – Clonbeg Church, Glen of Aherlow

  1. Thanks Val. I’m not getting much time to take photos lately.I’ll have to make up for lost time during the summer.

  2. Great site, Seán. Sorry I’m only seeing this now. I haven’t had a minute! Another couple of weeks and I hope to be able to take the camera out again and continue on from where I left out. I’ll visit your site a bit more often then too.

  3. These are wonderful photo’s, my Grandfather William Mohide, is buried here. My Nanny used to walk all the way up there and back from Tipperary town, to visit his grave.
    It’s such a lovely peaceful spot in the shadow of the Galtee mountains…beautiful.

  4. Bernadette, I just Googled the distance from Tipp town to Clonbeg – 10km! That’s 20km there and back. What a devoted woman your grandmother must have been. She’d put a lot of us to shame walking that distance.

    It is a beautiful place. I’m hoping to make a few trips to the Glen before the summer is over. There’s so much to see there.

    Thanks for the comment.

  5. These photos are enchanting. I’ve just started putting out feelers to explore my Ginnivan and Noonan origins there. Guess what my mum was a Cloonan! All too much!

  6. Thanks so much Kathy for the comment. You’ll have to let me know how you get on with your research. My husband has a lot of relatives in the Galway area and that’s where the Cloonan clan seem to stem from, from what I can tell. Lots of Noonans around, but I’ve never heard of the name Ginnivan before.

  7. Thank you Susan, my nanny was devoted, 20 kms in one day,that’s some walking! sometimes it would be getting dark as she walked home. Thanks so much for these photos they mean so much to my mum, lovely x

  8. I had just discovered that my rare Ginnivan ancestors came from Clonbeg Galbally and Aherlow. That’s why your wonderful photos were so special.
    Our Cloonans came from Ferbane, Offaly .. so I understand.
    best wishes

  9. I am interested in Kathy Gibson’s post as i also have ancestors called Ginnivan from the Glen

  10. My Paternal grandmother Catherine Hennessy (d.1945)is buried here. Her husband, also called Michael Hennessy, is buried in the family plot in Bansha Village churchyard and I am trying to unravel the details. They lived in Cappiauniac, close by.
    I was unable to locate her grave on my first, short visit and would appreciate ANY help or information to. this end.
    Great blog and photos.

  11. Hello
    This is for Bernadette Carter.
    My gt gt grandfather Timothy Mohide/Hyde b1813 Corderry to Conor Mohide and Honora Brien.He and wife Mary Coffey emmigrated 1850 to Massachusetts.
    Would love to hear from you.
    All the best’

  12. I believe my great grandparents are buried here. Daniel Hughes and Catherine O’Brien Hughes from Drumleigh. I hope to make a trip in 2018 or 2019. I want to kiss the ground in Aherlow.

  13. If I am reading correctly, the picture of the headstone for William O’Brien looks like it says he is from Glencushabinna (hope I am spelling this correctly). If so, that could be my GGG grandfather on my paternal side. My grandmother’s name is Johanna O’Brien who married Michael Hughes and lived in Glencushabinna. She was one of 20+ children of Patrick and Bridget Hennessey O’Brien.

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