Tower Slow Cooker Cookery Book


Since writing this post, lots of people have been asking me if I have a copy of the old Tower Slow Cooker Cookery book. It seems there are still a few of these old slow cookers in kitchens in the UK and Ireland (not sure where else), but the cookery books aren’t very easy to come by.

Tower Slow Cooker

Well, as it happens, I was given a copy of the cookery book with the slow cooker.  I scanned it in today and you can download it from the link below (I hope…).

Tower Slow Cooker CookeryBook

I love my slow cooker, and it’s amazing what you can cook in them.

Happy cooking! :)

18 thoughts on “Tower Slow Cooker Cookery Book

  1. Queen of pots I love you… I have been searching high and low for my Tower cookery book in my loft, I have scanned charity shops for it and also tried the internet for old manuals but to no luck, this time I searched for images and clicked on a matching picture which took me to your blog… thanks to you I now have a copy.
    I was given the Tower Slow cooker for a present from my parents years ago and found it was too big for just hubby and me so I purchased a smaller one, but as time goes by my family grew and I got the Tower one out of the loft and started to use it but not having the cookbook I just made stews or boiled gammon in it. I could not remember the settings and was unsure on the settings as it is not clear on the cooker. But now thanks to you we can go back to having lovely slow cooked meals ;0) Regards Karen ( Abingdon, England UK

  2. Hi Karen
    Your comment really brightened up my day when I saw it. It’s lovely to hear from you and I’m delighted to have been of some help. I got my Slo-cooker from my mother and I love it. It’s so handy when I’m out all day and don’t want to have to spend ages cooking something when I come home. So many people were landing on this website and even emailing me looking for the Slo-cooker cook book so I thought it would be a great idea to upload it here.
    Happy Cooking!! :)

  3. Hi many thanks – just dug out my old tower slow cooker and couldn’t remember how the settings worked auto/high/low. Your manual helped me out with a pork roast that I’m cooking. Thanks again. Amanda. (Buckinghamshire)

  4. Hi Susan – goodness your recipe book brought back memories – I remember my Mum’s like it was yesterday! My slow cooker( formerly hers) is almost a relic – it just has a toggle switch with one bar on one side and 2 on the other. Have long since lost the instructions – anyone know which is hotter?


  6. Dear Susan
    I have just carried out another internet search looking for the Tower Auto Slo Cooker manual – expecting to be disappointed as usual. What a surprise to find it on your blog. Thank you so much for taking to trouble to scan it and for sharing it.
    I was lucky enough to buy mine very cheaply on the Swedish E-bay. I presume most people didn´t know what it was. I gather these are pretty ancient now but mine looks like it´s never been used and it works perfectly. Now that I have the manual I will make even more use of it.
    Ramona K
    a Scottish “exile” in Sweden

  7. Hi
    I’ve just got my tower slow cooker out Model No is 4431 but the slow cookery book that came with it doesn’t have my model in there it isn’t an auto or a compact it looks same as the auto but only has a high/low switch at front even the carefree is model 4405 and picture in book isn’t same. Any ideas please?

  8. Can’t thank you enough. I was bought one of these cookers in the 1990s. I misplaced the instructions some years ago, and like others have said, couldn’t remember how the high/low/auto settings worked. Thanks to you I can finally use the cooker again – was on the brink of buying a new one, but now I don’t need to. Thanks so much. :-)

  9. Hi can you please tell me which way the switch has to be when cooking on high,is it the white dot showing at the top & the switch flat against high.

  10. Brilliant thanks just rediscovered mine and handed it over to my son but couldn’t find instructions. Many thanks

  11. I bought my Tower Auto Slo Cooker in a Jumble Sale for 50p about 3 years ago. I remembered my mums delicious recipes, often left overnight to cook and ready the next day. Mine did not comes with an Instruction Book and I could not remember which settings did what. So I am ETERNALLY grateful to you for uploading yours. Very generous and very kind. These are a Godsend for busy families.

    Looking through your book, I do remember having stews from the crockpot, mine is the 6.1 pint version, which made any old tough meat tender and delicious. Had no idea it did so much, although I do remember mum making gorgeous creamy rice pudding in it, and to die for big hunks of smoked gammon in applesauce.

    Thank you so much, you really are one of a kind. Most nowadays would not bother I feel.

    Sincerest thanks.

  12. Thanks so much I inherited this from my great aunt I can never get the settings right never sure of switch positions
    Thanks for the instructions hopefully I can have successful meals now

  13. Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for putting this manual and recipe book on here. I have been trying to use my slo cooker again for ages as lost my book.
    Thank you Thank you very much
    Love Lesley

  14. Hi everybody! I’ve 6 Tower Auto Slow Cooker, new….complete of original manual. Someone can tel me, how I can send…? My English isn’t so good…right?

  15. I found a slow tower cooker in the 2 hand shop, without the users manual. Thank you for sharing

  16. Thank you so much for this, you just made my day. Inherited the slow cooker off my mum about 20 years ago and it’s still going strong but the recipe book is not in such good condition, missing pages etc, so I am chuffed to bits that I can print this all off and have all the lovely recipes again! Thank you for taking the time to do this, my pork casserole is bubbling away nicely now!

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