9 of 365 Places to visit in Tipperary – St. Patrick’s Church Marlfield


Two wet feet again! I think I might change the name of this blog.

Today’s pic… taken in the freezing fog…at a location not too far away…from me, that is…



Pic correctly identified as St. Patrick’s Church, Marlfield, by @conorkane1974 and @c_fly1.


St. Patrick’s Church, Marlfield




Some more photos I took while I was there yesterday:-

St. Patrick's Well, Marlfield


It was very eerie down at the church with the mist and the cold.  Clannad wouldn’t have been out of place if they’d been standing on the edge of the pond and singing Caisleáin Óir.

St. Patrick's Well

St. Patrick's Well, Clonmel

The picture below is probably my favourite from yesterday.  The colour of the leaves stand out in stark contrast against the misty background, and I love the way the spiders’ threads glisten, suspended from the tiny branches.

Branch in the mist

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