8 of 365 pix – Places to visit in Tipperary – Burncourt Castle


There was no excuse for not taking a photo today.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and I had petrol in the car, which is always a bonus.

I realised two things today…no… THREE!

One: I need a lens hood for my camera.  I’ve known this for ages, but I was reminded of it today by sunshiny streaks and bubbles in my photos.

Two: I need to keep boots in the car. I had to squelch through a water logged field today.  Mesh runners weren’t designed for that sort of thing.

Three: It’s about time I got the engine light on my car sorted out, or whatever’s making the engine light come on. If only because the car emitted some very loud squeaks as I was driving by two ladies out walking, which surprised them greatly.


Today’s pic is:-

Burncourt Castle, Tipperary




This was correctly guessed by @c_fly1 over on Twitter who mentioned that he couldn’t find it on a map.  I don’t think it’s on a map.  I went looking yesterday before I drove out there and, although there were plenty of references to it, there weren’t any specific directions.

You can’t miss it though.  Driving from Cahir, if you take the turn off the M8 for Cork, then take the , R639, followed by the left turn for Burncourt, you can see the gables of the castle among the trees. And it looks SO impressive from the approach road. I was really excited when I saw it in the distance. I couldn’t WAIT to take photos of it.

I was very surprised to find out that the castle is on private property.

None of the websites I’d looked at had mentioned that fact.  Entrance is via someone’s driveway and across their nicely mown lawn.

Now I HATE bothering people.  I really do.  But I wasn’t going home without a photograph, having driven all the way out there for that purpose.  So, after driving by at first, and having a good gawk to see whether I could possibly snap a picture from the road (you can’t by the way because there’s a high wall around it), I decided to go back and ask permission.

Maybe that’s daft.  I’ve wandered into private fields and photographed lots of stuff, but I think that entering someone’s driveway and crossing their lawn to take a photograph is a bit different.

I was terrified the door would be opened by a stay-at-home mum (or dad), juggling babies, laundry and a rolling pin, who would fire the rolling pin (or worse…a baby) at me for being the 25th person that day to ring the doorbell and ask could I take a photograph.

The gentleman who opened the door was very nice though and told me to go ahead and that the electric fence was off, which is always good to know, especially when the ground is wet, which it was.  Hence the reference to the boots above.

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Yesterday’s 365 photo:-

St.Patrick’s Church and Cemetery Entrance, Marlfield

Marlfield Church Entrance


Below are some photos that I took a while back.  It was far too dark yesterday, unfortunately, to take photos.

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Incidentally, I suspect that ‘navfree’ may have taken me on a funny route again today. If you’re using it and you’ve experienced it taking a turn for the worse 🙂 lately then let me know.

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