5 of 365 pix – Places to visit in Tipperary – New Inn


Today’s photo. No hints.  It’s WAY too easy!

(Title updated. Location correctly identified)


New Inn, Tipperary




Taken at 9AM this morning, and I got a big wave from a man out doing his shopping.  I need to get out more often.  I got two wolf whistles and a ‘Hiya gorgeous’ last week.  And, no, I wasn’t walking the dog at the time.

Yesterday’s 365 pix (4 of 365)

 The Hidden Inn


Technically I suppose this is a Waterford one, and it’s Facebook page also lists it as Waterford.  A Google search gives the address as Tipperary.  Living on the Tipp/Waterford border myself, I reckon it depends on which team are winning as to which county you wish to claim residency in.  Or maybe it’s just the whole postal thing again.

The image above is of the mural on the side wall of The Hidden Inn in Kilmanahan.

The Hidden Inn


I suppose it’s hidden if you’re approaching from the Clonmel side.  The mural draws your attention to it.


The Hidden Inn


It wasn’t open yesterday at lunchtime when I took the photograph, but they’ve a very active Facebook page and the night scene looks good.  During the summer I’d say it’s definitely one to visit for anyone out hillwalking, or anyone driving between Dungarvan and Clonmel.

(It seems like a long way to 365 today.)

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