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MacSweenys Photo Shop


I meant to post this ages ago and forgot to.  MacSweeny’s is a camera/photo shop that I’ve been dealing with for a while.  I’ve purchased my 7D and my tripod there, and some other bits and pieces over the last year or so.

Ally’s camera, a Canon EOS Rebel (similar to the pic below), had been giving a bit of trouble before the summer. The shutter release button kept jamming, and the battery would have to be removed and inserted again in order to take another photo.  All very well, I suppose, if the only photographs you take are of still life and you’ve no objection to functioning as a factory robot.

Anyway, we tried to resolve the problem ourselves using all the solutions we could find posted on the internet, but none of them worked.


Canon EOS


So we left the camera into MacSweeny’s  in Cork and told them we’d be away for a while on holidays and would collect it when we came back.

We returned home, phoned about the camera, and there’d been a delay in fixing it – a delay that went on for another couple of weeks after that…


MacSweeny’s went above and beyond the call of duty when they offered Ally a brand new Canon 1100D rather than have her waiting any longer for news of the other one.

Canon 1100D


My initial response, I have to confess, was to ask ‘How much is that going to cost me?’  I certainly wasn’t expecting it for nothing.

‘Nothing’ was the answer.  They just wanted to sort us out with a working camera as soon as possible.

Thanks very much to Barry in MacSweeny’s!  If that’s not GREAT customer service then I don’t know what is.  Ally is delighted with the new camera which she’s using in Crawford now, and she’s not too far from MacSweeny’s if either of us need to indulge in new lenses, etc.

MacSweeny’s is located at 88 Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork.  They do a range of new and second hand camera equipment, as well as printing, framing, photography courses and more.  For a full list of products and services, visit


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