The Moorings (pub for sale), Cheekpoint, Waterford


The MooringsAlly and I stumbled across ‘The Moorings’ on our way back home from Wexford a couple of weeks ago.  We had stopped off in Cheekpoint at McAlpin’s Suir Inn for a coffee, and for a gawk, as I’d never been in Cheekpoint before.  McAlpin’s, by the way, do a nice cup of coffee, and I’d love to try their dinner menu next time I’m there – the food smelled delicious, but we had had a huge lunch earlier.

Continuing on up The Strand Road for home afterwards, both of us copped the worn facade of ‘The Moorings’ and noted the side window wide open.

So we stopped the car, got out, closed the open window and went home.

The End!


(Like feck….)

The Moorings


The Moorings - drinks price list


The Moorings bar counter


The Moorings - Waterford Today


The Moorings - Fireplace


Moorings - Floorboards


The Moorings - Beermats


The Moorings - Kitchen


The Moorings - Kitchen


The Moorings - Keg Room


The Moorings - Cobweb


The Moorings - Spider


The Moorings - Photos


Moorings - Dartboard


The Moorings - Lounge


The Moorings - Pay Phone


The Moorings - Lounge


Sad to see this place going to ruin. There’s a lovely view from the front of the river, and with a bit of work it could probably make a lovely B&B/bar/restaurant.

It’s on the market so if you’ve a few yoyos to spare….

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