Derek Landy at Easons, Cork


Apparently today was the best day EVER according to Bláthnaid.   She got to meet her favourite author, Derek Landy, at Easons in Cork today.

Bláthnaid is a big fan of the Skulduggery Pleasant books that Derek Landy writes. So much so that she dressed up as him last Hallowe’en… Skulduggery, not as Derek Landy….

Skulduggery Halloween

Skulduggery Halloween (Photo courtesy of Natalia)

Ally did her makeup/face paint, which I thought was really well done.

This is the real Skulduggery from the Skulduggery Pleasant website.



So, obviously, when Bláthnaid heard that her favourite author was coming to Easons in Cork to sign his new book ‘Kingdom of the Wicked’, and when I told her I’d bring her to meet him, she was over the moon!

We queued for over an hour outside Easons this morning. Thank God the weather was good.  It was so warm that Bláthnaid had to put her umbrella up to shield us from the sun.

Easons Cork

Easons Cork

We were lucky we started queueing when we did too, as there were quite a lot of people waiting in line by the time twelve o’clock came.

Easons Cork

Easons Cork

Shortly after I’d taken the photo above and made my way back over to Bláthnaid, Derek Landy arrived, and a few minutes later the doors were opened to let all his eager fans in.

He was lovely, and he spent loads of time with each and every person in the queue who had come to see him, laughing and joking and getting his photo taken with them.

Bláthnaid meets Derek Landy

Bláthnaid meets Derek Landy

He signed Bláthnaid’s book for her and even drew a little picture of himself inside, and then he signed her autograph book too.

He also asked Bláthnaid had she any questions and Bláthnaid said she hadn’t – only because she was so excited and nervous about meeting her favourite author that she’d forgotten the one question she’d wanted to ask – ‘Is there going to be a movie?’

Bláthnaid meets Derek Landy


I should have asked him a question, myself.

I’d have asked him if he’d have another book written by the end of the week – Bláthnaid is a third of the way through the new one already.

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