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Us2 Book

I finally managed to get hold of an US2 book, thanks to the Book Centre in Clonmel who had two copies of it in stock this morning.  I thought I’d have to wait another couple of weeks to get one as everywhere seemed to be sold out of it yesterday.

For anyone reading who doesn’t know what the US2 book is, it’s the follow up to the US book that was published in 2005, when listeners of TodayFM were invited to submit snapshots of Ireland taken on the 1st of October.

US TodayFM Book

This year’s date was the 2nd of October and, as far as I’m aware, there were over 20,000 photos received from the public.

All proceeds of the book go to Barnardos and it’s an amazing book to have, full of normal, everyday snapshots from all over the country.  It’s lovely to look through it and see who you recognise.

A friend had posted a message on Facebook yesterday to tell me that one of my photographs was in it.  Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to see which one it was.  (I’d sent in a few).

I was fairly sure it would be the one below of our much loved Roxy:-


But, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the photo that had actually made it into the book.

Suction Cup Us2

Suction Cup

I laughed so hard I thought I was going to do serious injury to myself. Even now, sitting here, with Ally trying very hard to look annoyed and not quite managing (because she thinks it’s funny but still wants to be cross with me), I can’t stop laughing.

When I took the above photo I told Ally it was just for ‘practise’.  Then I emailed it off not really expecting to see it again except on my laptop. I knew when I saw it that I was in for it.


I picked Bláthny up from school earlier and showed it to her and she was a bit miffed that she wasn’t in it.  She took great consolation from the fact, however, that Ally looked perfectly ‘ridiculous’ and that I was ‘dead meat’.  I told her not to say a WORD when we got home and that we’d just leave the book open somewhere while I went to work.  She agreed that this was a good idea.

Until we got home and she emitted the most evil of laughs and ran into the sitting room yelling ‘ALLY, YOU BETTER TAKE A LOOK AT THAT BOOK THAT MAM HAS!!’

I got an earful despite the fact that I was struggling to breathe with the laughter.

‘Ah mam…why did you do that…I don’t believe it…that’s not funny…ah no…I hope you didn’t show that to anyone….’

‘No, not at all’, I said, ‘I never brought it into college at all today’.

‘Ah MAM!!!’

Then Bláthny who’d gone looking at the book again suddenly held it aloft, pointing at the cover and shouting ‘Hey, what’s this???’

And, there, on the back cover of the book, for everyone to see….


Queue convulsions of laughter from both myself and Bláthny! I honestly thought I was going to have to ring my mother and ask to borrow her nebuliser.

Roll on US3! I know I’m going to have to watch myself now that Ally has her own camera! She has me warned!

6 thoughts on “Us 2 Today FM Book

  1. I saw that pic and thought it was hilarious think it’s the dead pan expression that does it!
    Well done
    Was chuffed to hear that one of mine got in too but like yourself not one that I expected. It is called “Easy rider” and was taken at ballinasloe horse fair. Have yet to see it in print other half buying me the book but very excited to have it in print!!
    Love the blogs.


    Happy Christmas

  2. Hi,

    Its a great idea, and a worthy cause! I made it into the book also. Absolutely chuffed. My pic is in the middle somewhere, Its a picture of my VW Camper van. Her name is Ruby, so i put a qoute from the Kenny Rogers song called Ruby to the picture!


  3. Well done on making it into the book, Shane. It’s a great thing to be able to look back on. I’ve actually recognised a few people in it this year – that’s half the fun!

  4. Maria, would you believe I only spotted your comment now. I’m so sorry. I was getting a huge amount of spam on my blog and had to set it so I approve the comments first. The name of your photo rings a bell but I can’t place it. I love taking the book out every now and again though so I’ll remember it when I next take it out.

    Shane, I saw your red campervan. I’m jealous! 🙂

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