For Sale at Last


Finally! The house is for sale. It’s taken 3 months to get it in order and now, at last, the “For Sale” sign has gone up and the house is on the market. Hopefully now, with the recent changes to stamp duty, the property market will pick up again and we won’t take to long to sell.

We’ve had our eye on a house for the last couple of months and are going to see a couple more at the weekend. I hope we can find something that we’ll all be happy with.

It’s probably not a great time to be trying to sell a house, what with Christmas around the corner and all. But, maybe people will see the sign over the Christmas and be inspired to take a look in the New Year.

I’ve almost finished all the shopping at this stage. All the important stuff is done. The Game Stop in Clonmel has seen me pay a couple of visits, as has Slatterys up in The Poppyfields. In fact, after the past year, I’m fairly sure I must be one of Slatterys’ best customers. I feel like I’m part of the family now.

I have no idea what Santa is bringing me. I keep changing my mind about what I’d like, which isn’t good. But I have everything I want really. So long as we’re all together at Christmas I don’t mind. And so long as the Christmas dinner turns out ok. I’m cooking. And I’m cooking for all of my family. I love doing it but this year I’m not doing anything with the veg until I’m sure everyone’s on their way. Last year I had everything cooked and ready only to received a phonecall from my mam to say “Your dad’s just having a shower and we’ll be leaving then”. That’s all well and good, but they live two hours drive away. Queue the brown brussels sprouts. 🙁

Doesn’t look like I’m on duty much with the Garda Reserve over the Christmas. There’s been a fair bit of work with the Civil Defence though. One of the events that took place was the “Just One Life” campaign that’s taking place in an effort to teach the younger generation more about safe driving practises. I managed to see a little of it yesterday. The gardai demonstrated the differences in braking distances when travelling at various speeds. It was very interesting. I think it’s a great idea to have practical demonstrations like that. Hopefully it’ll have a postive effect on the drivers of the future.

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