Weigh In


Current Weight 11 stone 8 pounds

So, I wasn’t actually as heavy as I thought I was. I was two pounds lighter. What a good start!! My dearest husband has now hidden our weighing scales at my request. I reckon that if I weigh myself during the week and see that I’ve lost a bit, then I’ll be tempted to eat something nice. If I’m anticipating what will come next Wednesday maybe I’ll work harder at this Weight Watchers stuff.

We had the spaghetti bolognese yesterday and everyone loved it. Well……ok, the girls moaned about the vegetables in it. But, that’s kids for you.

Today we had a chicken stir fry which was lovely as well. Not sure what we’ll have tomorrow.

I have yet to make a decision on whether I’ll take up the professional cookery course place in Waterford IT that I’ve been offered. I love cooking but I’m nervous enough about starting something like this when others that are doing the course are already working in restaurants/hotels. And, lets face it, up until last year I was still trying to figure out whether fish fingers were best grilled or fried.

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